Transportation Equipment Financing

The First Choice has cooperated with some of the most prestigious trucking companies across the Canada and helped them develop and improve their business. By providing exceptional equipment loans and leases, we give companies new opportunities to expand by incorporating powerful vehicles into their transportation services.

Just as our name implies, we aim to be the First Choice of our clients for any type of equipment loans. Transportation financing, however, has been our specialty for decades and it’s one of our richest services.

We can lend you the money to buy new or used:

Heavy-duty vehicles

Pick-up trucks and vans, dump truck, log carrier, garbage truck, tank truck, mobile crane, and more.


Around 53 feet long, used for goods’ transportation of different sizes and weight.

Long-haul semi-trucks

Semi-trucks designed for long distance roads.

Roll-off truck

Typically a large truck with the open top and a rectangular footprint.

Flatbed truck

A flat truck, adequate for the transportation of heavy, spacious material.


Unpowered vehicle meant to get attached to a powered vehicle.

First Choice is not an ordinary transportation equipment financing company. Our services reduce the initial capital outlay while also conserving the capital and improving the cash flow. Taking into consideration all the additional expenses of our clients, we also created exceptional programs with numerous tax advantages. Moreover, we investigated the needs of our clients and introduced the most flexible and innovative payment methods that make all the transactions extremely accurate and fast.

We serve different credit profiles, with no exceptions. Once you apply for the credit, we will consider all the information you provided, your qualifications as well as the needs and requirements of your business. Based on that data, we will make our final decision and inform you shortly. The trucking industry depends on the quality of the equipment entirely. If your vehicles are not good enough, your company is not good enough either. In order to make it perfect instead, we will finance your equipment and make sure your clients are satisfied as well.

Client-oriented equipment loans with incredibly beneficial rates

Heavy-duty vehicles, semi-truck, roll-off truck, dump truck, trailers, and more.

Excavators, backhoe loaders, bulldozers, skid-steer loaders, scrapers, and more.

Patient chairs, operatory lights, operatory cabinetry, utility equipment and more.

Massage beds, electric treatment tables, facial treatment beds, multifunction units, shampoo chairs, carts, and more.

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