Construction Equipment Financing

The adequate financing solutions will help you achieve your professional objectives and conserve the capital. The construction equipment requires funding in order to be efficient and our specialists in the construction industry are able to create the most convenient plan for your equipment needs and lend you the necessary funds for its purchase.

Whether you are providing the construction services to your clients or you need them for yourself, the equipment will contribute to the final result of the project.

These is some of the construction equipment we can help you purchase, used or new:


Heavy equipment made out of a boom, bucket, dipper, and a cab. They are mostly used for digging, demolition, handling of materials, dredging rivers or any type of heavy lifting of materials.

Backhoe loaders

This vehicle consists of the unit similar to a tractor, a loader in the form of a bucket/shovel placed on the front of the vehicle and a backhoe placed on the back. They are mostly used for small demolitions, digging, landscaping, paving roads, breaking the asphalt, and light transportation of materials.


They consist of a steel blade or plate placed on front of the vehicle. They are mostly use for road building, wrecking, farming, and pushing.

Skid-steer loader

A small machine with bucket in front of the vehicle. They’re mostly used to lift materials, push, and dig.


Large vehicles with moveable hopper placed vertically and a sharp front edge, placed horizontally. They are mostly used in activities that involve earthmoving.

Our most frequent applicants for the construction equipment financing are the construction contractors, manufacturers of the construction equipment, rental companies, and equipment distributors. However, every company with construction needs can apply for this loan and we will consider the application fondly.

You can use the construction material for the construction of a highway and/or a street, to prepare or excavate a site, for the concretion and asphalt, the construction of a bridge or a tunnel, as well as the production of the sand and gravel, among other personal or business purposes.

Client-oriented equipment loans with incredibly beneficial rates

Heavy-duty vehicles, semi-truck, roll-off truck, dump truck, trailers, and more.

Excavators, backhoe loaders, bulldozers, skid-steer loaders, scrapers, and more.

Patient chairs, operatory lights, operatory cabinetry, utility equipment and more.

Massage beds, electric treatment tables, facial treatment beds, multifunction units, shampoo chairs, carts, and more.

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